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97% of e-commerce, IT, offline services and manufacturing businesses use content marketing as their marketing strategy, but 42% of them rate their content marketing strategies (maturity & complexity) as “first steps”. Also, there is an increase of 22% in the search for “what is content marketing”.Quote: All the collected data reveal (three, but I will go into two of them) underlying factors to success: […] the re-allocation of more financial resources to support content marketing specifically, and using additional (paid) channels to promote content. (quote end) The most voted/stated tactic for a more successful content strategy was “improving the content quality” (55%) and creating more video & visual content (41%). This all underlines what I am showing most of the time: visuals are the key! Improve your visual content, take modern ways, and don’t save up on marketing! survey source: „state of content marketing 2022 global report“ Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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your choice

Everything in your business is also your choice! Your choices have the biggest impact on the growth & success of your business. When you want to reduce all your investments at every cost, you will probably suffer from it and mostly also pay twice. There is a german saying: “Kaufst du billig, kaufst du zweimal” – “buy cheap, and you buy twice”. Not only that, it is smarter to invest in good services and get powerful deliverables, it will also reduce your costs with time. You will have a premium service, get expertise from a professional, get better results – which you also can use long term & with a wider usability and all of this will leave a more professional feeling/look! But still, it’s your choice.  Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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Premium product look

In my post about „usability of 3D visualizations“ i showed a lot of examples from my renders and one guest render for the options you have when using a 3D render from your product. Today i show you what you can learn from the champions (@cartier)!Check out the stunning 3D Model, the AR (augmented reality) option and how interactive it already plays with your environment lights. Here you can see, why to choose a 3D visualization for your product. Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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3D Product Animation – Commercial style

In the last post I showed you why imperfections are necessary for a good look, even if it sounds strange in the first way, hearing that imperfection makes something realistic/perfect.The shown example was an example of minimal imperfections, which you probably won’t notice consciously but subconscious. This example shows imperfections which are way more obvious and absolutely necessary for a realistic look.Here I show you surfaces of tables, but this appears on every product and object. Do you want some input for your product visualization? Just contact us! Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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Stop perfection!

While today almost everyone wants to archive perfection, the world never was and never will be perfect. So, your products won’t be “perfect” in visual means. There is no perfectly clean corner and there is no perfect plain surface.Imperfections are common in the 3D branch, as they make things look realistic or as someone would say “perfect”.This does not mean, that you should make your product, shooting, render or else dirty, bad looking or in other ways imperfect.This just is about minimalistic imperfections which are not obvious and just appear mostly in subconscious, BUT!! if they are missing, things look of, and it does not need to be obvious, but the observer will have a negative impact while looking at it. This rule also applies to photos when they are too heavily photoshoped. Mostly we know this from heavy celebrity or magazine photoshops, where we realize something is off, but this also has an impact on consumer experience from a product based business. Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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How to choose the right aestethics

The 3 pillars of finding the right aesthetics for your product visualization are shown above.Sure, there are more aspects, but the 3 shown above are the most important. So, how to explain the process with the 3 pillars?For example:When you have a cosmetic branch or a cosmetic studio with products (industry part) and your target audience probably is based mostly on women (target audience part – obviously), then you already have a good hint! The visuals should be very clean, clear & minimalistic.Now you have the fundament of your aesthetics & therefore you can add some expressions (corporate identity) to connect the branch visuals in a subtle way with your business visuals. Do you have a horror fan base? Make it dark, even if it looks off for “other people” – the fan base and the industry will love it.Gaming target audience? You already know what to do, right? Bonus Tip:When you have a product which is connected to fragrance or taste, then you should try to emphasize the emotional part connected to the fragrance or taste – but try to be extraordinary and don’t just show the strawberry for the strawberry taste Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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Usability of 3d visualizations

Digital product visualization has a lot more advantages than the traditional one. In this carousel post, you can see four ways of usability.You can animate products on your website in an interactive way, in which the consumer moves the product, for example by scrolling the page.The digital visualization is naturally usable in web shops, as thumbnails / preview pictures for the product page, and here comes again the factor of efficiency (check out the other post about efficiency).Then you can use it in an aesthetic specially for your target audience as a commercial / advert on social media or even TV.The last example shows how product specifications can be visualized and is made by @jpcomitis – it depends on the product how complex these animations are and on the target audience what needs to be presented. There are more ways in which you can use digital visualizations and in all these the factors of efficiency, cost management and resource-saving have a big role. (To see the difference between digital and analog visualization, check-out the post “efficiency timeline” , “The visible difference” &  “3D render photos vs product photography”) Thank you, @jpcomitis, for participating in this post! Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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Efficiency timeline

Efficiency timeline – product visualization

I already got a little bit more specific into this topic, with the post “3D render photos vs product photography” and here you can see visually on a timeline when the impact of efficiency hits! Remember! Efficient workflow has also an impact on the cost factor, so think twice before visualizing your product. Contact us, so we can chat about your product visualization workflow and get some value-adding input! Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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The visible difference

Today, I want to show you the visible difference between product photography and 3D render pictures.Even with a simple product like a crucible, there is a big changing impact for your consumer experience! Improve the aesthetics, your workflow and therefore save time, cost’s and resources! Don’t stack in old production cycles, go with time and use the advantage of technology. “Keep up with the times and time won’t pass you by” Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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online experience is as important as the store

Online Expierence is as important as the store experience

How to improve the user experience in your online store?Which way of visualizations should you choose? A quick overview of why visualization plays a huge role in e-commerce and what to look for to give your customers the best possible experience.Remember that you can’t offer them the same service as in your store but you should try. Full article on Instagram back to the newsfeed

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