content marketing

97% of e-commerce, IT, offline services and manufacturing businesses use content marketing as their marketing strategy, but 42% of them rate their content marketing strategies (maturity & complexity) as “first steps”.

Also, there is an increase of 22% in the search for “what is content marketing”.
Quote: All the collected data reveal (three, but I will go into two of them) underlying factors to success: […] the re-allocation of more financial resources to support content marketing specifically, and using additional (paid) channels to promote content. (quote end)

The most voted/stated tactic for a more successful content strategy was “improving the content quality” (55%) and creating more video & visual content (41%).

This all underlines what I am showing most of the time: visuals are the key! Improve your visual content, take modern ways, and don’t save up on marketing!

survey source: „state of content marketing 2022 global report“