Stop perfection!

While today almost everyone wants to archive perfection, the world never was and never will be perfect.

So, your products won’t be “perfect” in visual means. There is no perfectly clean corner and there is no perfect plain surface.
Imperfections are common in the 3D branch, as they make things look realistic or as someone would say “perfect”.
This does not mean, that you should make your product, shooting, render or else dirty, bad looking or in other ways imperfect.
This just is about minimalistic imperfections which are not obvious and just appear mostly in subconscious, BUT!! if they are missing, things look of, and it does not need to be obvious, but the observer will have a negative impact while looking at it.

This rule also applies to photos when they are too heavily photoshoped. Mostly we know this from heavy celebrity or magazine photoshops, where we realize something is off, but this also has an impact on consumer experience from a product based business.