How to choose the right aestethics

The 3 pillars of finding the right aesthetics for your product visualization are shown above.
Sure, there are more aspects, but the 3 shown above are the most important.

So, how to explain the process with the 3 pillars?
For example:
When you have a cosmetic branch or a cosmetic studio with products (industry part) and your target audience probably is based mostly on women (target audience part – obviously), then you already have a good hint! The visuals should be very clean, clear & minimalistic.
Now you have the fundament of your aesthetics & therefore you can add some expressions (corporate identity) to connect the branch visuals in a subtle way with your business visuals.

Do you have a horror fan base? Make it dark, even if it looks off for “other people” – the fan base and the industry will love it.
Gaming target audience? You already know what to do, right?

Bonus Tip:
When you have a product which is connected to fragrance or taste, then you should try to emphasize the emotional part connected to the fragrance or taste – but try to be extraordinary and don’t just show the strawberry for the strawberry taste