What I learned from games reel

What I learned from games!

I directly want to say something about passion, as my potential clients should also be passionated with their business! If you do what you love and do it with love, it has a better result then if you just want to make money. Some people will not agree and thats ok but in the gaming industry you see a big issue on this point. The quality is sometimes worse then 10-15 years ago, games are bugged, unfinished or sensless.
Naturally they still sell a huge amount of games but there is also a “awaking” in the gamer scene and they get more and more frustrated. Small indie developers get more hype and attention, because they produce out of passion!

Presentation..! As I always say, the look is everything, presentation is the key. When it comes to producing games, the industry has a problem but when it comes to marketing, they still show how a champ would do it!
But not only the marketing is amazing, also the trailers (which obviously are part of the marketing) and ingame cutscenes are on a high level.

When it comes to texturing it may be more interesting for 3D artists, so I wont go deeper into it.