3D Basics: IOR

New series: 3D Basics

Beginning with the IOR, which is the (I)ndex (o)f (r)efraction.

The index of refraction is a table of values in which different materials’ refraction is listed.
3D Artist already should know this value, but maybe don’t know how to find out which value is the best for the actual 3D material they work on. So the key is mostly to be as close to reality as possible, but sometimes tweaking the values a bit can result in a more realistic way.
But keep attention! Tweaking the values just in 0,01 space makes big changes.

Water for example has an IOR of 1.333, but boiled water has a different value!
Now you all know what an IOR is and can talk about it with your 3D artist regarding your product visualization for parfums for example!